Quit and Stay Quit Monday Resources

Organizations can download our weekly practice packages, enhancement guide, and check-in worksheet to make a Monday cue part of their smoking cessation programs.

Quit and Stay Quit in the New Year

The Quit and Stay Quit in the New Year package is a 5-week series designed to help users stay committed to their New Year’s resolution the whole month of January. By taking it one Monday at a time, there’s always another chance to recommit and keep up with your quit.

Stay on Top of Your Quit with Our New Check-In Tool

With the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Check-in Tool, you can “check-in” every Monday to get useful tips and practices to help you regardless of where you are in your quit process. Building motivation? Feeling triggered? In need of a support buddy? We have resources for you.


Making Monday the Time to Quit

This 12-week package is designed to introduce future quitters to the Quit and Stay Quit approach.

Teamwork Makes the Quit Work

This 12-week package is designed to help quitters identify support options that can be used to begin or continue their quit.

Staying Strong, Staying Quit

This 12-week package is designed to support quitters as they work towards maintaining a smoke-free life.

Extinguish Stress and Stay Quit

This 12-week package offers smoke-free strategies for managing stress.

Guides and Handouts

Quit Monday Program Enhancement Guide

This guide is designed to help programs understand, integrate, and evaluate the QSQM approach.

Monday Check-In

This tool is designed to help quitters highlight and reflect on key practices for quitting and staying quit.

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