Weekly Practices

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Good preparation is key when you quit smoking. An often overlooked form of prep is to dispose of all physical reminders of smoking, including your cigarettes, matches, ashtrays, and lighters.
Quit SMART Feature
Goals are essential to a successful quit. When you know where you’re going, the way becomes clear. This Monday, we’ve got five easy tips to help you quit smoking.
Cigarette smoking is a big financial expense, but it is also a big time-waster. Do you know how many hours do you actually spending smoking cigarettes each week? The number may surprise you.
Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) are effective tools that can help reduce withdrawal feelings by giving you a small controlled dose of nicotine. Research shows that NRTs are safe and that they can dramatically increase your chances of a sustained quit.
Strong Lungs Feature
Smoking tobacco damages the lungs, but when you quit, you give your lungs a chance to recover. In a few weeks you’ll start breathing better, wheezing less, and feeling stronger.
There’s an abundance of online tobacco cessation groups available to help support your quit. Online “quit” groups are not the same as in-person counseling, but they do come with their own set of unique benefits.
When it comes to cigarettes, use your diet as another way to help you quit. This Monday, we share four foods that taste good and actually have the power to discourage you from smoking.
Few things in life are free and cigarettes are definitely not one of them. Smoking is the act of burning money. Literally. A smoking habit is a costly habit. How costly? Well, let’s have a look.
This Monday, skip the smoke break and listen to a special playlist if you feel stressed.
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