Weekly Practices

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For smokers, cigarettes are frequently used as a form of stress relief. Moderate physical activity, especially aerobic exercises, can make an immediate difference on your mental wellbeing!
This Monday, to help motivate your friends, family, or yourself to quit smoking, take a look at our WHO-inspired list of reasons to quit all forms of tobacco products. A quick scan will remind you of the importance of staying tobacco-free. Remember, you can always use Mon...
Quit Drawing Feature
Managing stress is about shifting focus away from problematic situations and towards something positive or productive. Use drawing as a way to calm your mind and relieve stress without a cigarette.
The mere act of holding something in your hand will not only take your mind off smoking, but can actually physically prevent you from picking up a cigarette. This Monday, instead of reaching for cigarettes, make a plan for your hands.
If you want to reduce the effects of smoking on your life, you need to reduce the power triggers hold. Triggers, which make you want to smoke, can be emotional, withdrawal, or social.
Low-intensity physical exercise like yoga, dancing, or weight training can be powerful tools to manage quit-related stress.
Relieve stress without cigarettes by using the 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique, a practice which uses all five of your senses to bring greater awareness to your current state-of-being.
Quit Environment Feature
Let’s clear the air: quitting smoking isn’t just good for your health; it’s also good for the health of the planet. This Monday, consider how smoking affects the air inside and outside.
Practicing meditation can aid with smoking cessation and act as a natural replacement to the relaxing effects of nicotine.
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