About Quit and Stay Quit Monday

Quit and Stay Quit Monday (QSQM) is a tobacco cessation tool designed by The Monday Campaigns in collaboration with the Institute for Global Tobacco Control and the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at Johns Hopkins University. QSQM encourages people to quit, re-quit or recommit to quitting smoking every Monday.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, responsible for 1 in 5 deaths. Because it can take 30 or more quit attempts before a person is successful, QSQM integrates a weekly periodic cue into tobacco cessation messaging to provide encouragement for more consistent healthy behavior. Leveraging every Monday as a “fresh start” can support a more sustainable commitment to quitting, and our research shows that people are more likely to stop smoking on Monday compared to other days of the week, so it’s a natural time to engage them with cessation communications.

QSQM provides a “Monday guide” that offers professionals a way to enhance their existing tobacco cessation programs, as well as evidence-based cessation tools, practical tips, and motivation to support individuals throughout their journey toward a tobacco-free life.

Local and state health departments, healthcare providers and smoking cessation counselors have successfully implemented QSQM programs to enhance and promote utilization of cessation services on Monday. Many of them also provide data to show how a Monday cue can improve their efforts.

Learn About Program Partners

Read our success stories about program partners who have used Quit & Stay Quit Monday to build program awareness and participation in their health agencies’ tobacco cessation services.

To reach its Native American and Spanish-speaking residents, the Pima County Health Department tasked Quit and Stay Quit Monday to provide 12-weeks of specialized smoking cessation materials.

The Virginia Department of Health partnered with Quit and Stay Quit Monday to promote the adoption of tobacco-free workplace policies with the ultimate goal of increasing employee utilization of the state’s quitline.

The partnership between QSQM and CEASE is an important one because it shows how wellness programs can be enhanced and embellished through the adoption of the Monday Refresh or weekly cue to recommit to your goal.

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