Commit to Quit and Join the Monday Quitters Movement

In honor of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, Quit and Stay Quit Monday is sharing the reasons why Monday should be the day you commit to quit.

World No Tobacco Day. Commit to quit and join the Monday quitters movement.

Quitting smoking isn’t something you have to do alone. Millions of people from all around the world are facing a similar challenge, and when you commit to quit, you’re joining the ranks of an international community devoted to living a healthier lifestyle.

There’s no wrong time to start your quit journey, but you can improve your chances of maintaining a successful quit by joining the Monday Quitters Movement.

But why Monday? Well, funny you should ask.

  1. Research shows that healthy thinking is synchronized to the week. It signals a fresh start to hit the reset button and start over.
  2. Mondays can function as a designated time to plan out your week and set goals. Think ahead about what triggers you might encounter and ways to distract yourself from cravings.
  3. Monday is a great time to check-in with a supportive friend, family member, quit buddy, or cessation counselor to kick-start your week. Plan to talk about how things are going and your next smoke-free goal or milestone.
  4. Since Monday is the start of the new week, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your plan and progress from the previous week to make adjustments or set new goals. Use the Monday Quit Check-In handout every Monday to review your progress and plan for the week. You could also do this activity with your support system.
  5. With 52 Mondays in a year, you don’t have to wait to quit again if you slip up, just try again the next Monday! This can be a valuable tool as quitting smoking often takes several attempts.

And if you’re looking for an extra boost of motivation, the World Health Organization has compiled a list of the top 100 reasons for why you should quit smoking today. This week, extinguish your urge to smoke by becoming a Monday quitter.