No matter where you are in your quit progress, quitting smoking is a big deal. You’ve proven your mettle – the strength of your character – to the most important person in your life, you! This Monday, reward your valiant efforts with some self-care.

According to the American Lung Association, you start reaping the benefits of quitting almost immediately. For instance, after 12 hours of quitting, the carbon monoxide levels in your blood drop to normal and between two weeks to three months of quitting, your lung function begins to improve. Every day you quit and stay quit, your body continues to heal and you’re making incredible progress.

Here are some easy and affordable self-care ideas to reward yourself and your wallet because you deserve it:

  • Soak and Chill – There’s nothing like a nice bath to rest and renew.
  • Cook a Feast – Make something delicious that will support your journey of health and wellness.
  • Hop on a Call – Catch up on the latest and greatest with your loved ones.
  • Movie Night! – Watch one of your favorites.
  • A New Book – Buy that new book you’ve been eyeing.

Your quit journey includes rewarding yourself for every milestone, no matter how big or small. This Monday, treat yourself with easy and affordable ideas. Keep up the good work.

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