Effects of Smoking on the Environment: Quit Smoking This Monday to Clear the Air

The Effects of Smoking on the Environment (Including Yours)

Quitting smoking isn’t just a good idea for your health – it’s a great way to clear the air! In honor of Earth Day today, be a part of making the air better for everyone. This Monday provides an excellent opportunity to think about the effects of smoking on the environment.

When you sit down to make your quit plan this Monday, consider the environment on your list of reasons to quit smoking. Making and distributing cigarettes is hard on the environment. Growing tobacco uses an abundance of pesticides. Over 600 million trees are cut down a year to grow tobacco. And have you ever asked yourself what happens to cigarette butts? It’s the most littered item in the world. 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are dropped every year.

The environment in your home is important too. It could be time to clear the air in your house. By bringing fresh air into your home, you cycle out the smoke. Fresh air makes it easier for you and everyone in your home to breathe. Try throwing out old clothes or house items that smell of smoke, like ashtrays. If you don’t smell smoke anymore you might also deactivate your cravings triggered by the smell of cigarettes. This Monday, open a window, turn on a fan, and bring the sweet smell of the outdoors to your indoors.

Quitting smoking now greatly reduces your impact on your smoking footprint. This Earth Day consider how smoking affects the air in the natural world and your home. Let the fresh air in and refresh your commitment to quit this Monday.