Try Some Deep Breathing Exercises This Monday to Control Cravings and Keep You Calm

Take a deep breath to reset and renew your efforts to quit on Monday. Try it now by breathing along with the animated gif at the top of the page. Deep breaths are a dependable method to control stress and nicotine cravings. It also allows you to expel stale air and inhale a true breath of fresh air.

A craving can last for up to ten minutes. Why not try breathing through it? Studies show deep breathing exercises reduce “smoking withdrawal symptoms, including craving for cigarettes” and the related tension and irritability associated with it. Deep breathing also helps you feel more wide awake and able to concentrate.

Transform your cravings into a peaceful, calming exercise with deep breathing techniques. So you’re prepared, learn and practice the techniques before a nicotine craving episode. There are many different exercises. Experiment!

Here’s a brief description of Pursed Lips Breathing to get you started:

Set aside five to ten minutes. Sit comfortably. Inhale through your nose then exhale through your mouth, with pursed lips, for twice as long as your inhale. Your chest and diaphragm should expand when you inhale and slowly collapse as you exhale. Here’s a video for further instructions.

Need more? Here are some more exercises you can do:

Square Breathing

Belly Breathing

Hold your Breath Breathing

When you clear the air in your lungs you also clear your mind. Now, instead of craving, you’ll be calm, cool, and collected. Use Monday to replace old habits with good habits.