Why Monday is the Perfect Time to Start Your Quit Journey or Recommit

Remember the first time you tried riding a bike? Or dancing salsa? Or recreating that unbelievably fluffy soufflé you had during your honeymoon in Paris? Or meeting your in-laws…

Nothing is ever easy to execute on the first try. But that’s okay, because much of life’s most gratifying accomplishments take more than one attempt before getting them right.

Quitting smoking is no different.

However, there’s the misconception that renouncing smoking can (and should) only happen during some revered annual milestone: New Year’s Eve, your birthday, your anniversary.

But like anything in life, the more times you try, the better chance you have at success. So, let’s re-write the rules; instead of pledging to give up smoking once or twice a year, why not allow yourself to recommit to your goal of smoking cessation 52 times a year?

Quit and Stay Quit Monday (QSQM) encourages you to become a Monday quitter by using Monday as a day to recover from the occasional slip. QSQM helps you get back-on-track quickly and sets you up with a clean slate.

So why Monday — why not Tuesday or Friday or Sunday? Surveys show that people see Monday as a day for a “fresh start” and use it as a day to do something good for their health such as schedule a doctor’s appointment, begin a diet, or quit smoking. In addition, research indicates that more people call into the national tobacco quit lines more on Monday than any other day.

Take Monday as an opportunity to reflect upon progress from the previous week. Use the Quit and Stay Quit Monday checklist to identify potential triggers and understand how to overcome those challenges in the future. If you can recruit a family member or friend to be your check-in supporter, even better.

Be proud of yourself and share your successes (and set-backs) with your loved ones. Remember, every Monday is another chance to cut-down on smoking.