Quit Cigarettes on Monday and Start Smelling Like the Real You

Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, but does anyone want to be remembered as “the smoker?”

One puff of a cigarette and your exterior is coated with a stale, burnt perfume. The odor clings to your hair, skin, and clothing and is nearly impossible to purge without a shower and a thorough scrubbing. And although you might have grown accustomed to the acrid, slightly sour fragrance of cigarette smoke, the smell is quite disagreeable with a non-smoker.

Quit and Stay Quit Monday is an opportunity for your friends and family to smell the real you.

Spending a day without the aroma of tobacco smoke hovering about means that you can smell, well, nice. If you have a previously unused perfume or cologne, Monday can be a day to give it a try. Have a new ensemble? Preserve that outfits’ freshness by wearing it on Quit and Stay Quit Monday. And best of all, your friends and family won’t cringe when you step into their car, house, or apartment.

There are a number of techniques you can use to beat those cravings such as deep breathing, drinking a glass of cold water, calling your “quit buddy,” or chewing on a piece of gum or sugar-free candy. Use these techniques next Monday and start smelling like yourself again.