This Monday, Combat Your Smoking Cravings and Win

Quitting smoking means facing your triggers and cravings. And Mondays provide a great opportunity to focus on establishing a toolkit for dealing with cravings in a healthy way.

Fighting Smoking Cravings

When you quit smoking, your body starts to recover from the damage caused by cigarettes – but it still expects nicotine. Did you know cravings only last about 10 minutes? Using your willpower, you can crush cravings.

During your ten minutes, line up ways to distract yourself. You can even take things to the next level by making them healthy, productive activities. Take some nice, long deep breaths. Have a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or some veggies with dip. Carry mints. Take a walk to get some fresh air. Stretch if you’ve been sitting. Make up a “craving playlist” to plug and play when you feel a craving approach. Get in touch with a friend who can make you laugh. If you feel like you need some professional advice, call a counselor.

Smoking cravings are hard – but if you can get through one, you can start to see how you can get through many. Monday is about recognizing the difficulties and feeling confident you’ve already got the answers. Success is at your fingertips to quit smoking and quit Monday.