8 Ways to Conquer Mindless Smoking Triggers this Monday

Dealing with Smoking Triggers

When you’re trying to quit, smoking triggers can pop up at every turn. Seemingly benign, or mindless, events can cause you to slip up. It’s like being on automatic, these habits are associated with lighting up and can be particularly challenging to overcome. Identify yours this Monday to take control of your quit journey!

Common mindless triggers include: Drinking alcohol or coffee, dining, driving, and taking a work break. These activities could tempt you to slip up. Meet your smoking triggers head-on, instead. We can help you develop some strategies to meet the challenge.

Trigger Management Strategies

  1. Take some nice and slow deep breaths.
  2. If you need something in your mouth, suck on a mint, chomp on a carrot, chew sugarless gum, pick up a toothpick.
  3. Keep your hands busy by writing or doodling.
  4. Drink water instead of coffee and something carbonated instead of alcohol.
  5. Go places where smoking isn’t allowed, like shopping, the movies, a library, or a museum.
  6. If you’ve just finished a meal, don’t linger at the dining table; even brushing your teeth immediately helps shift the post-meal habit.
  7. When talking on the phone, use your smoking hand or play with a small squeeze toy.
  8. Walk a #MondayMile instead of taking a smoke break at work.

Strengthen your resolve to quit this Monday by becoming aware of your more difficult triggers. When you substitute a benign, or mindless, trigger with a positive and healthy activity, the urge to smoke will evaporate. Learn more strategies to quit and stay quit on Facebook or Twitter!