Celebrate World No Tobacco Day by Spreading the Truth About Vaping

In honor of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2020, we’re sharing a collection of resources designed to debunk the myths and expose the risks associated with tobacco use and vaping.

In support of this year’s theme, we are offering graphics, articles, and actionable practices to help educate audiences on the harmful effects of vaping and spread awareness about common misinformation about its use. We encourage you distribute these resources across your social media channels on Monday, May 25th in advance of #WorldNoTobaccoDay.

Why focus on Monday to quit? Our research, conducted alongside the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at Johns Hopkins University, shows individuals are most receptive to tobacco cessation and general health information on Mondays. By using this weekly cue, we can help engage and support those who are trying to quit. Help spread the word about starting and sustaining a commitment to quit using tobacco products, around World No Tobacco Day, and throughout the year.

Download our free social media graphics from this page and spread awareness about making Quit and Stay Quit Monday a part of the fight to starting, and sustaining a commitment to a tobacco-free life around World No Tobacco Day, and throughout the year.

When you distribute information on Mondays, make sure to tag @QuitMonday and include #QuitMonday in your social media posts.