Erase Stress With a Drawing Break

Quit Drawing

Managing stress is about shifting focus away from problematic situations and towards something positive or productive. But this change in perspective isn’t always easy to achieve, which is why many smokers step outside for a cigarette break during times of stress.

Adopting different stress management techniques can help you avoid those cigarette cravings, and one practice that is gaining in popularity is drawing. This technique, which is endorsed by the Quitter’s Circle and the American Lung Association, allows you to calm your mind and keep your hands busy, which an important consideration for smokers.

It may seem like a stretch, but drawing as a distraction is quite common. Think back to those long classroom lectures or presentations and remember how you’d doodle along the margins of your notebook and let your mind wander. Channel that inner youthful imagination and practice coloring, drawing, or doodling the next time you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Drawing is most effective when you can do it in alone in a quiet place. Take a deep breath and visualize how you want your image to look, then get started and become immersed in filling in the colors and shapes. If any distractions or unwelcome thoughts arise, bring your attention back to your image. You can either finish the drawing in one sitting or make it a continuous project to be completed over time.

To start coloring in a snap, print out our DeStress Monday coloring pages and let the creativity begin!