When it comes to cigarettes, use your diet as another way to help you quit. This Monday, we’re sharing four foods that taste good and actually have the power to discourage you from smoking.

It turns out, knowledge of certain foods and their power over the taste of cigarettes may be another piece in the puzzle to solve your efforts to quit and stay quit.

  1. Sugar-free gum – Chewing gum is easy and it works! In a study, researchers found that chewing gum reduces cravings and helps with withdrawal. Chewing gum is an on-the-go solution that could arm and guard you against unexpected cravings when you’re out and about.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables – Researchers found higher intakes of fruit and vegetables were associated with smoking fewer daily cigarettes. So, load up and fill your fridge with lettuce, apples, blueberries, broccoli, and yes, ubiquitous kale.
  3. Ginseng – Researchers have found ginseng may prove to be therapeutic for nicotine addiction. Ginseng is available as a tea, and you can also find ginseng as a powder in a capsule or as a liquid in a tincture at health food stores.
  4. Dairy products – A study on the effect of certain foods and beverages that worsen or improve the taste of cigarettes found dairy products worsen the taste of cigarettes. Got milk?

A note, try to avoid meat and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, which can make cigarettes taste better.

Knowledge is power. When you’re trying to quit, knowing all the facts will help you thrive. Eat well when you quit and want to stay quit. It will boost your immune system, curve nicotine cravings, and support your body.

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