This Monday, Head Outside for a Healthy Distraction from Cravings

Embrace a Healthy Distraction from Cravings

If you’re on a path to quit smoking, take a moment to spend time outside – not to smoke, but to take a walk! This Monday, take a walk, chase away a craving, and get a little exercise!

Now that it’s more enticing to go outside, consider this an opportunity to change your past behavior as a smoker. If you used the outdoors as a place to smoke, make a conscious effort to use the outdoors for something different. Replace your smoke break with an outdoor exercise break or a destress break. Spending some time during your day outside and moving around is a great way to fight the stress you might feel during a craving. Exercise at any level is also a great tool for quitting smoking as you change your daily routine to include more healthy activities. In addition to being a distraction from cravings, moderate aerobic activity can also help strengthen your heart and lungs while decreasing symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

There are also benefits to being outside. Studies have shown that taking walks in nature has a positive effect on stress levels. The calming, soothing outdoors may help you manage your triggers and cravings. The social aspect of nature walks has been shown to be helpful for people who are quitting smoking, providing a great way to pass time and a few shoulders to lean on when the going gets rough!

This Monday, get outside to get moving – and invite a friend! The outdoors and the support will both help you find success in your path towards quitting and staying quit!