Managing Stress Smoke Free

Many smokers rely on cigarettes to ease stress, alleviate tension, or improve their mood, but this temporary relief comes with long-term health risks. Finding sustainable forms of stress-relief that don’t require the use of nicotine is a major piece of living a smoke-free lifestyle.

The Managing Stress Smoke Free package is a 12-week series designed to demonstrate the various methods an individual can use to manage difficult emotions and feelings. Each week features a unique practice that focuses on a different way to mitigate stress in a variety of situations and settings. Practices range from mindfulness meditations to deep breathing exercises to therapeutic movement and physical activity. This Monday, put out the cigarette and take advantage of a healthier solution to managing stress.

Download the Managing Stress Smoke Free Package

Managing Stress Smoke Free Package

Download all the tips and graphics in our Managing Stress Smoke Free package.

Start Managing Stress

Low-intensity physical exercise like yoga, dancing, or weight training can be powerful tools to manage quit-related stress.
Many smokers cope with stress by sparking up a cigarette, but understanding of the different types and degrees of stress can help you manage these feelings without the use of tobacco products.
This Monday, skip the smoke break and listen to a special playlist if you feel stressed.
Relieve stress without cigarettes by using the 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique, a practice which uses all five of your senses to bring greater awareness to your current state-of-being.
For smokers, cigarettes are frequently used as a form of stress relief. Moderate physical activity, especially aerobic exercises, can make an immediate difference on your mental wellbeing!
Smokers know that cigarette cravings can strike unexpectedly, but being prepared for these moments can help you resist these urges when they inevitably arise. One simple technique that can be applied at any moment is deep breathing.
This Monday, reduce your stress and desire for a cigarette by toning down your daily caffeine intake.
Practicing meditation can aid with smoking cessation and act as a natural replacement to the relaxing effects of nicotine.
High-intensity workouts don’t require a lot of time or equipment, but they do offer an escape from daily stressors. This Monday, replace cigarettes with jabs and jumping jacks.
Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that can be used to control stress, in addition to anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.
Quit Drawing Feature
Managing stress is about shifting focus away from problematic situations and towards something positive or productive. Use drawing as a way to calm your mind and relieve stress without a cigarette.
Quit Belly Breathing Feature
Deep breathing can be a dependable method to control stress and nicotine cravings. Take a deep breath to reset and renew your efforts to quit on Monday.