Use a Minute of Mindful Mediation to Reduce Cigarette Cravings

Smokers often use cigarettes to relieve stress, but what if it was possible to unwind without them?

Meditation is an ancient practice that involves focusing the mind on a particular thought or activity to help achieve a greater state of calm and mental clarity; and anyone, from all backgrounds, can benefit from applying some of the basic techniques to their daily life.

Practicing meditation can aid with smoking cessation and act as a natural replacement to the relaxing effects of nicotine. Research suggests that meditation techniques can have a moderate effect on stress reduction, which is one of the most common smoking triggers.

But quiet moments of mindfulness and self-reflection can also help an individual become more aware of their smoking habits and triggers. The next time you want a cigarette, try a minute of deep breathing instead; by mindfully choosing to let the craving pass, you are physiologically shaping how your body and mind will react to these urges in the future.

Ultimately, by practicing meditation and mindfulness you are giving yourself the tools to strengthen your resolve, self-control, and willpower. To get started, try utilizing these deep breathing GIFs for instant relief or incorporate some simple introductory techniques and quick one-minute meditations into your daily routine.