Managing Weight When You Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes suppresses the appetite and dulls the ability to taste and smell. But when you quit smoking, you may find your appetite returns, and because of this renewed sense of hunger and greater capacity to appreciate food, many smokers fear that quitting smoking will lead to unwanted weight gain.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. To successfully quit smoking means focus and prioritization; don’t let the worry of weight gain derail your motivation.

Although some people put a few pounds after removing cigarettes from their daily routines, any weight gain can be mitigated by adhering to a proper diet, adopting some smart snacking habits, and focusing on other ways to satisfy your oral fixation. None of these changes are drastic or require a complete lifestyle change.

Small adjustments can add up to major progress. Keeping a pack of sugar-free gum on hand, pre-portioning meals, and always keeping a small bag of nuts or fruit in your car or bag can help neutralize cravings without the guilt of eating something unhealthy.