Support is at your fingertips, this Monday, and every day of the week. Learn about the numerous apps, quitlines, counselors, and resources available to you. You got this!

You should know, there’s a lot of help available to support your quit. With overflowing resources, it’s a matter of simply reaching out when you need them. Getting help is literally always at your fingertips.


Ever more popular, mobile apps can take your information and personalize your experience. Plus, you can take them on the go. Many are physician approved with help at all hours of the day or night. Apps provide personalized coaching, daily motivational quotes, articles, resources, and live chat rooms.


800 numbers can connect you with trained coaches to support you in your quit. Check out your state’s help line and the National Cancer Institute. You’ll get free support, coping strategies, and information about resources close to home.


Did you know your doctor, clinic, hospital, or health department will often provide you with low or no fee counseling to support your quit? These are resources you shouldn’t overlook. Talking to someone in person might be the next best and successful step you need to take to continue your quit.

You’re awesome!  Quitting smoking is awesome, too! Support your quit by tapping the immediate support you have available to you. This Monday, check in on an app, call a quitline, or talk to a counselor. It’s been proven to make a difference in your efforts to quit.