Stop-Smoking Affirmations to Help You Stay Quit

Positive affirmations can help you overcome the many obstacles and challenges that you will encounter during the entirety of your quit journey.

An affirmation is positive messaging that you can repeat to yourself during times of internal crisis. To use them as an effective cessation tool, establish a soothing internal dialogue in your mind and repeat these mini mantras to help react and manage cravings when they inevitably strike.

When you feel the urge to spark up, don’t actively resist; instead, recall the reasons for why you’ve decided to quit: “my family, my health, my mental wellbeing. Also, try to consider the origins of those cravings — stress, anxiety, tough day — and remind yourself of alternative solutions to addressing them. “I will take a deep breath mindfully meditate, or call a quit buddy.”

Repeat I am strong enough to beat this and that “smoking doesn’t fix the problem; it only creates another problem.” Finally, when you really want just one little cigarette, tell yourself “N.O.P.E (not one puff ever),” because no cigarette is worth undoing all your progress and hard work.