Use Monday to Access Professional Resources

Use Monday to Access Professional Resources

This Monday, reach out to a counselor or medical professional for a fresh take on moving ahead! It’s important to find the support that works for you.

1-800-QUIT-NOW. The first line of help is a state quitline. According to research, quitline counseling can more than double a smoker’s chances of quitting. Toll-free quitlines put you in touch with a trained coach in your state who can provide immediate and free support and advice.

Talk to your doctor. There are treatments such as nicotine replacement therapy that can lessen cravings, which doctors can recommend and prescribe. A skin patch, lozenges, gum, inhalers, and sprays may be the bridge between stress and success. Don’t overlook your medical resources.

Many smokers reach for their cigarettes in times of stress; quitlines, physicians and therapists can offer different ways to handle the stress that can help you avoid smoking.

This Monday, find a professional who can personalize your quit by developing coping skills for triggers and cravings and creating strategies for mental wellness. They’re here to help you stay inspired to quit and stay quit!

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