You Just Went a Month Without Smoking — Johnny Tell Them What They’ve Won!

one month without smoking

It’s been a month since you made the commitment to quit smoking. Nicely done.

If you’re still making plans to quit cigarettes, get prepped with these helpful tips:

What to expect after the first 24 hours of your quit

How to prepare for those pesky physical withdrawal symptoms

Why your mood fluctuates post quit (psst…it’s the nicotine) and how to stay positive

Even if you’ve slipped up once or twice over the course of the month, you’ve still made monumental progress — and now it’s time to reap the rewards.

Yes, there are in fact rewards. But what are they? Well, funny you should ask…


The average time to smoke a cigarette is six minutes. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, that means you’re saving nearly two hours a day for 30 days, bringing your monthly time-saving grand total to nearly 60 hours.


Cigarettes are expensive, with prices falling somewhere between $5 – $15 dollars a pack (depending on the state). Quitting smoking for a month means that pack-a-day smokers can save, on average, around $300.


A month without cigarettes, your body is already well into the self-healing process. You’ll notice breathing is easier as your lung capacity and function increase. Circulation also improves and so does athletic endurance, leading to a renewed ability to engage in cardiovascular activity.

A Brighter Smile:

Quitting smoking for a month improves all aspects of your oral health: You’ll have a reduced risk of mouth cancer and gum disease, a brighter smile, and a heightened sense of taste and smell.