CNN Recommends Making a “Monday Resolution” for a Healthy New Year

January 2nd, 2019

Lisa Drayer highlighted the Monday Campaigns in her recent article for CNN

New York City Public Schools Test the Meatless Monday Waters

July 18th, 2018

As part of a Department of Education (DOE) pilot program, fifteen Brooklyn public schools went meatless on Mondays with schools providing all-vegetarian breakfast and lunch.

The Kids Can Cook, STEM for Breakfast?

October 3rd, 2017

When kids help out in the kitchen they learn science, technology, engineering & math!

Eight Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kids

August 31st, 2017

Mom, Chef and Lifestyle Expert Roberta Pipito’s Take on Meatless Mondays

July 25th, 2017

To better understand how to make Meatless Monday an achievable health goal, we turned to lifestyle expert, chef and mom of two, Roberta Pipito of Bucks County. If you have young children, Roberta’s website, Homemade Delish, is a great resource for food sourcing and developing creative ways to get the kiddos involved with the process of cooking healthier food options.

Give New Year’s Resolutions a Boost with a “Monday Resolution”

January 4th, 2017

Check out our new video!

Use the Power of Monday to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 3rd, 2017

The trick to successful long-term behavioral change is to shorten the time between a possible slip-up and the next temporal landmark. Monday offers the perfect opportunity.

Fight Childhood Obesity With Screens

August 2nd, 2016

Healthy cooking campaigns such as The Kids Cook Monday aim to inspire young children to make healthy meal choices at an early age.

10 Kids’ Food Myths — Busted!

May 17th, 2016

Experts, including Monday Campaigns RD Diana K. Rice, debunk ten of the top kids' food myths.

8 Dietitian Tips To Get Your Kids Cooking

May 9th, 2016

Cooking with your kids allows them to appreciate where their food comes from and can help them be healthy eaters now and into adulthood.

7 Ways Parents Can Be Role Models for Healthy Eating

May 4th, 2016

Start modeling healthy eating habits that are worth copying.

National PTA Gets Families Cooking

April 13th, 2016

The latest issue of "Our Children," the national PTA magazine, encourages families to participate in The Kids Cook Monday!

Bust Boredom: Cook Together for the Holidays

December 23rd, 2015

Why not take advantage of the extra time you have together during the holidays to kick off a new family ritual of cooking together?

Making Mondays Family Night

December 14th, 2015

Visions of sugarplums may be dancing in the minds of some children this holiday season, but many kids also are setting their sights on healthful foods that are fun to prepare and delicious to eat.

Check In With The New York Times’ Picky Eater Series: Get Kids Cooking

October 28th, 2015

Author Alice Knisley Matthias shares the many ways kids benefit from learning about, choosing, and preparing their food.

Rachael Ray Inspires and Mentors Eight Talented Kid Chefs

September 1st, 2015

Rachael Ray's Kids Cook-Off encourages kids to get cooking and compete for a $20,000 culinary scholarship and their own web series on

Healthy Eating Ideas for 2015

January 5th, 2015

Want to boost your chance of success for making changes at any time of the year? Make a plan to start on a Monday.

The Kids Cook Monday Offers Free E-Cookbook

October 10th, 2014

12 kid-friendly recipes make it fun for families to cook and eat together

American Camp Association Picks The Kids Cook Monday

August 6th, 2014

The American Camp Association and The Kids Cook Monday are teaming up to show campers how fun cooking can be with a free toolkit featuring easy recipes and best practices for cooking with kids.

The Importance of Eating Together

July 22nd, 2014

Family dinners build relationships, and help kids do better in school.

Everyone’s a Health Nut on Monday

April 17th, 2014

Research has shown that more people start diet and exercise regimes, quit smoking, and make doctors’ appointments on Mondays than any other day of the week.

Ready to get real about food?

April 9th, 2014

Watch the trailer for Fed Up. In theaters May 9th, this film narrated by Katie Couric uncovers the truth about food, sugar and its impact on public health.

The Simple Action That Helps Children Make Better Food Choices

February 5th, 2014

It’s something as simple—and easy to pull off—as making dinner with your children in the kitchen and sitting down to a meal.

Leading food marketing expert recommends cooking with kids

January 8th, 2014

In a national survey of awareness of the USDA’s MyPlate nutrition guidelines, leading Cornell researcher Brian Wansink found that mothers who followed the guidelines were also more likely to involve children in food preparation.

Want your children to grow up to be healthy adults? Teach them to cook.

December 17th, 2013

Yoni Freedhoff, director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, suggests starting out by setting one night a week as the time when the kids help make supper.

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