The Healthy Monday Refresh

The Healthy Monday Refresh is all about setting intentions at the beginning of the week and recommitting to them every Monday. By setting long-term goals and breaking them into smaller steps at the start of each week, you increase the likelihood of developing lasting healthy habits.

Our research shows that people view Monday as a fresh start, and as the day they are more likely to start healthy activities like diets, exercise, and stress management practices. We’ve continued to study this Monday cue through programs developed with Lerner Centers at Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities, as well as at NYU Langone Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Check out the video below to learn more about why the Healthy Monday Refresh works.

Three Easy Steps for a Healthy Monday

  • Set the intention
  • Pick an action
  • Make it happen

Maintaining a Healthy Monday is even easier with the support of your family, friends, and colleagues, so consider enlisting their help to keep you accountable and committed. And if you ever get off track, simply refresh your intentions at the start of each week.

Refresh Every Monday with Our Check-Up Tool

We’ve developed our interactive Healthy Monday Refresh Check-Up Tool to help individuals assess how they’re feeling and see options for actions they can take to move toward their wellness goals.

Start Your Healthy Monday Program

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