Healthy Monday Check-Up

You’ve made a commitment to doing something healthy this week, now it’s time to follow through. With the Healthy Monday Check-Up Tool you can start turning intentions into actions. Simply check the boxes that indicate how you’re feeling today and click “Refresh” to find practices that can help address how you’re feeling, or encourage you to keep going.

Who knows what you’ll uncover?

Maybe you’ll find a healthy version of your favorite comfort food, or a deep breathing meditation, or some relaxing bed-yoga positions. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check more boxes and try again for new suggestions. And remember, if you ever find yourself off track, don’t sweat, there’s always another Monday right around the corner. Bookmark this page, and you can come back to the Healthy Monday Refresh Check-up tool whenever you need a boost.

Our research shows that people view Monday as a day for a fresh start and are more likely to start healthy activities like diets, exercise, and stress management regimens. People who start on Monday say they’re more likely to follow through on their health intentions the rest of the week. We’ve continued to study this Monday cue through programs developed with Lerner Centers at Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities, as well as at NYU Langone Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

The foundation of all of our public health initiatives is the Healthy Monday Refresh, a concept that involves starting the week with a simple practice to help individuals recommit to their health intentions.

Check out our Healthy Monday Refresh video

And learn why Monday is the best day to review and refresh your intentions for the week.