Start a Healthy Monday Program in a Workplace, Community, or School

Organizations can design their own program using our library of materials or download turnkey program guides developed with our partners. Everything we offer is free!

How to Start a Monday Program

Each of our campaigns has extensive health promotion materials that can be used separately or in combination as a Healthy Monday program. The starting point is to define what the needs and health goals of your audience are and knowing which communication channels will be used to reach them.

Apply the Healthy Monday Refresh Concept

For best results, we encourage anyone who’s using our materials to integrate them according to our weekly Healthy Monday Refresh concept, so that participants establish a pattern of healthy behavior that can lead to better long-term health.

Selecting Materials

Once you’ve determined your program strategy, you can browse our Resource page, and select materials from each of our campaigns including implementation guides, printed material, videos and digital and social media assets, which can either support existing offerings or create a new stand-alone program. Our portfolio addresses different health behaviors, including stress management, physical activity, plant-forward eating, and tobacco cessation.

Many organizations use our Healthy Monday Refresh newsletter as the core of their programs, so be sure to sign up, and follow #HealthyMonday, too.

To learn about other organizations that have used Monday concepts, read our Success Stories.

Make Sure to Measure

While we provide all of our programs for free, we do ask health leaders to share their successes and challenges after implementing a Monday program. Data is essential to help us improve our concepts for better health, and we make it easy with many out-of-the-box evaluation tools in our program guides. You can also share your successes with other organizations through our social media.

Need Our Help?

We’re happy to assist you in developing your Healthy Monday program and on a case-by-case basis can enlist the help of other partners to help design and evaluate programs. If you’re interested, submit an inquiry using the form below.

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