Why Use Monday Concepts in Your Health Programs?

As part of a non-profit organization we offer free research, creative materials, and turnkey programs. To develop our materials and programming, we’ve worked with experts at Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse Universities as well as top medical centers. We hope that organizations, groups, and individuals will use them to improve health and prevent chronic disease.

Monday Refresh Calendar

For best results, we encourage anyone who’s using our materials to integrate them according to our weekly Healthy Monday Refresh concept. Building in this weekly motivation can help program participants establish a pattern of healthy behavior that can lead to better long-term health.

Our body of research describes how using a weekly Monday cue can help start and sustain health behavior. If you want to add this weekly Monday cue to the existing programs at your organization, explore our portfolio of Monday-focused packages and practices that address different health behaviors, such as stress management, physical activity, plant-forward eating, and tobacco cessation.

Organizations can use our program guides, promotions, and digital/social media assets to establish new programming or support their existing offerings. Visit our Resource page, and you’ll see samples of all the materials you can choose to promote different healthy activities. Just find the ones that address your health interests. Or get more information about starting your own Healthy Monday program.