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Sid started the Monday Campaigns to make Monday the day we collectively dedicate ourselves to health, or as Sid said to make Monday “the Day All Health Breaks Loose.”
The Monday Campaigns' original research on how people’s health behaviors and goals were affected by the pandemic and the stay-at-home protocols was recently cited in a news story.
Starbucks is offering a $2.00 discount on its vegetarian breakfast items every Monday in January.
Illustration of people exercising in a New York City park
Because of a shared reverence for inclusivity and accessibility, the two organizations have worked together to develop an 8-week campaign highlighting fun, accessible physical activities that people of all ages and ability levels can do in one of the city’s many parks or ...
During November National Family Caregiver Month, Caregiver Monday is coordinating activities with several national organizations to celebrate caregivers.
More couples are bringing date-night indoors. Indoor dates are often less expensive, healthier, and more convenient—especially when the activity for the night is cooking a plant-based meal. Cooking as a couple is nothing new, but, as an increasing number of people are foc...
Many people are looking to reduce meat in their diet, mostly for health reasons, but also due to the production restrictions caused by COVID-19, meat shortages are becoming more common, and people are starting to seek out alternative protein sources.
Move It Biking Featured
Reaching more than six million readers, The Epoch Times is encouraging people across the country to Move It Monday by incorporating more biking into their weekly routine. 
Livestock is the cause of one-fifth of all climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a 2014 U.S. land use study, with cattle taking the greatest toll on the health of the environment.
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