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The newsletter was distributed to staff in each of the state’s 67 counties and has resulted in a weekly Monday-boost of approximately 25% engagement compared to non-Monday emails.
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The City of New York has taken the next step in its commitment to meat reduction by including Meatless Monday in its first-ever 10-Year Food Policy Plan.
In Bedford, New York, a suburb just outside of New York City, a group of volunteers working with the Bedford 2020 organization promoted Meatless Monday as part of their larger environmental sustainability initiative. The group encouraged restaurants, businesses, hospitals...
From gratitude journaling to mindfulness to deep breathing, DeStress for Success offers solutions to common college-life problems and challenges.
Since its start in 2003, the Meatless Monday movement has taken root in over 40 countries and has been adapted to 22 different languages—and that’s just the beginning.
The initiative encourages local residents to walk a total of 32 miles over a two-month period, representing the distance from the Franklin county line to the Jefferson county line on Highway 98.
The monthly nonprofit insider newsletter, Nonprofit Communications Report, recently published an article highlighting the many ways The Monday Campaigns has leveraged our diet, fitness, and stress relief resources to promote public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. recently released their roundup of 20+ New Year’s Resolutions for Families to help individuals and families make positive lifestyle changes in 2021. The list touches on everything from eating better to supporting local businesses to showing more gratitude, but ...
Sid started the Monday Campaigns to make Monday the day we collectively dedicate ourselves to health, or as Sid said to make Monday “the Day All Health Breaks Loose.”
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