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Livestock is the cause of one-fifth of all climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a 2014 U.S. land use study, with cattle taking the greatest toll on the health of the environment.
Family meal time is also an important opportunity to explore different cultures through food. Cooking is a global art form that bridges you to other cultures and traditions, and eating global cuisines offers a delicious lesson in diversity, teaching us to appreciate our d...
The Monday Mile program, inspired by the pilot program at Syracuse University, will encourage students and faculty to walk or run a mile on or off-campus. Participants can join in the fun and record their progress through an app and are encouraged to submit a selfie pictu...
MM cookbook
As families eat more meals at home, getting kids to help out in the kitchen has become even easier. Teaching children how to cook helps develop an appreciation and reverence for food; they’re also more likely to experiment with different ingredients.
Leveraging every Monday as a “fresh start” can support a more sustainable commitment to quitting vaping. Dr. Joanna Cohen suggested using the “Quit Monday” approach to quitting to Healthline.
Ron Hernandez, managing director of The Monday Campaigns, joined the AM Extra hosts to share how Portlanders can Move It Monday, while adhering to current COVID safety guidelines.
In honor Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month, Caregiver Monday ambassador Sherri Snelling participated in a FaceBook live conversation presented by UsAgainstAlzheimer's
To address the unique challenges facing the medical community, The Monday Campaigns partnered with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center to develop a wellness program designed specifically for nurses.
The Kids Cook Monday collaborated with the New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative to promote their aligned goals of promoting culinary literacy through getting kids involved in cooking with their families.
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