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Last year, the team behind Fresh on DeK supplemented their healthy eating messaging with information about other behaviors that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.
Alameda Health System has been using Healthy Monday materials since 2020 as a way to bring simple and action-oriented health messaging to their 5,000 employees and large, diverse patient population.
Parenting has never been a stress-free responsibility, but in the years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job of the parent has become even more difficult and complex.
To reduce overall mortality risk, one must consume a high-quality diet that includes more whole foods and less red/processed meat, while also incorporating regular physical activity into one’s weekly routine.
A new report from the RAND Corporation shows that teachers and principals are suffering worse wellbeing than other working adults, especially teachers and principals of color.
Looking to reach those fitness goals? Well, the time of day you exercise might give a boost to your workout—and maybe your mood.
older couple dealing with chronic stress
Chronic stress can have a serious, negative impact on our physical health, increasing the risk of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. A new study shows that chronic stress can also result in premature aging of the immune system.
The study found that engaging in light-intensity movement—gardening, walking through a shopping center, or strolling through the neighborhood, etc.—can help significantly reduce the risk of stroke.
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