3 Ways to Savor Life’s Little Moments and DeStress Monday

Change your focus to recall the positive this Monday for unexpected results. Savoring and focusing your thoughts on positive events is a way to shift to the positive and deflect stress.

Ways to Savor the Positive

  1. Enjoy the moment. Take a pause to appreciate the vibrancy of the here and now. If it helps, take a few deep breaths first. You don’t have to focus on any particular person or thing to feel goodness all around you. Take this moment to deeply experience your life on the spot!
  2. Put your feelers out. Be more attuned to noticing when something good or positive happens. It could even be a small thing, like someone holding the door open for you! Start to shift your perspective so your senses are sharpened to noticing more positive moments.
  3. Recall a positive and vivid experience. When something good happens to you, take a mental image of it so you can recall it in the future, from the smallest moments like seeing a beautiful flower to a significant event in your life. Recall them when you need a mental boost or a shot of positivity.

This Monday, generate many little happy moments to reduce stress and multiply your happiness.  Reach out and tell us about the ways you savor the positive. Find us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.