Start a DeStress Monday Program

Bringing a DeStress Monday program to your organization or community provides valuable tools to help encourage relaxation, mindfulness, and positivity, starting on Monday and continuing through the rest of the week.

How to Start a DeStress Monday Program

DeStress Monday provides research, creative materials, and turnkey series of practices for free. DeStress Monday programming is flexible and customizable, and can be adapted to support a variety of stress-reduction goals. Companies, hospitals and schools can provide employees tools to cope with high stress environments and to promote greater sense of satisfaction and well-being.

Selecting Materials

To help get you started, explore our Resources Page for our collection of implementation guides, original research, social media assets, logos, guided meditations, deep breathing GIFs, and more. To get a better understanding of how DeStress Monday can be incorporated into your specific organization, please view our collection of Success Stories.

DeStress Monday at School

Interested in trying the DeStress Monday at School program? Developed in collaboration with experts from Johns Hopkins University and piloted in Baltimore public schools, this program can help teachers and their students learn techniques for managing stress better.

Also available for use is our archive of Weekly Practices, which we send out in our Weekly Newsletter.  These articles, videos, creative graphics, practices, and tips can be used every Monday to help motivate and encourage individuals to find new ways to manage stress, establish a healthy mind and body connection, and stay positive.

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Success Stories

To address the unique challenges facing the medical community, Healthy Monday partnered with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center to develop a wellness program designed specifically for healthcare workers.
The Monday Campaigns collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to develop a “DeStress Monday for Teachers” program in Baltimore City Schools.
From gratitude journaling to mindfulness to deep breathing, DeStress for Success offers solutions to common college-life problems and challenges.

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