DeStress Monday Resources

Organizations can download weekly series of practices, guided meditations, instructional yoga videos, infographics and e-cards to make a Monday cue part of their stress management programs.

Weekly Practice Packages

Deep Breathing

This 8-week package is designed to help you reduce stress with a variety of deep breathing practices.

Mindful Monday

This 8-week package introduces opportunities to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Shift to the Positive

This 12-week package features practices for promoting and sustaining positivity.

Posters and Social Graphics

Happy New Week Cards

Let those good vibes flow every Monday with our Happy New Week e-cards.

Reduce Stress with the Monday Refresh

Illustrate the fundamentals of the DeStress Monday Refresh with this printable infographic.


Refresh your mind each Monday with a guided audio meditation. Led by experienced practitioners, these brief meditations use proven stress-reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, mindfulness and positive imaging.

Monday Morning Bed Yoga

Yoga Videos

Our expert-guided yoga videos offer easy-to-follow exercises for introducing yoga practices into your DeStress Monday routine.

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