About DeStress Monday

DeStress Monday helps people start each week with a positive frame of mind, and gives them tools that can help better manage stress, improve focus, and maintain a healthier mindset throughout the week. Working with our partners at The Lerner Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, NYU Langone Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center, we’ve developed programs that leverage the Monday cue to help people manage stress on Monday and throughout the week.

Research shows that chronic stress may contribute to serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Using a Monday cue to start each week with a calm mind and body can help establish a more consistent stress management practice. The majority of people surveyed indicated that managing stress effectively on Monday can help reduce stress the rest of the week.

With our experts at top universities and hospitals, we’ve developed a suite of evidence-based materials and practices that can easily be integrated into an organization’s existing programming or used as a freestanding tool to start a new stress management program.

Learn About Program Partners

Read our success stories about program partners who have used DeStress Monday to build program awareness and participation in stress reduction strategies. Find out how these programs have helped reduce stress among people who work in different high-stress settings, including hospitals, public schools, and corporations.

To address the unique challenges facing the medical community, The Monday Campaigns partnered with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center to develop a wellness program designed specifically for nurses.

The Monday Campaigns collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to develop a “DeStress Monday for Teachers” program in Baltimore City Schools.

To make yoga accessible to patients with limited mobility, The Monday Campaigns partnered with NYU Langone Hospital to introduce a Destress Monday bed-yoga program to their existing integrative therapies for patients with limited mobility.

Explore our Resources

Access program guides, weekly practice series, animated GIFs, and social media graphics to build your DeStress Monday program. These materials incorporate evidence-based stress-reduction strategies, including deep breathing, mindfulness, meditations, positivity, and movements such as yoga and tai chi.