Research About DeStress Monday

High levels of stress can have a negative impact on organs, systems and mental health. Changing behaviors to help better manage stress can reduce the risk of developing these harmful health effects.

Monday marks the beginning of the week and can function as a cue for a fresh start. In fact, research shows that Monday is the day people are most likely to adopt new health behaviors.1

By integrating the Monday concept into stress management practices, a weekly reminder can be built into health programs, and encourage the use of these practices throughout the rest of the week. People who take the time to practice stress management can also establish healthier routines and have better sleep.2

According to recent surveys, while 18% of people reported that Monday is the day they experience the most stress, 54% agreed that if they manage stress well on Monday, it helps them reduce stress the rest of the week. And 78% of people said that if they start with a positive frame of mind on Monday, they are more likely to stay positive for the rest of the week.3

DeStress Monday programs have received positive results in different settings. A DeStress Monday pilot program conducted with teachers in Baltimore City Schools showed improvements in reducing perceived stress, duration of sleep, reducing sleep disturbance, sleep quality, indicators for depression anxiety. Of the teachers surveyed, the stress-reduction programming found 78 percent of respondents requesting a continuation of the program. Another pilot program for nurses in a hospital setting found that participants reported improved energy levels and an increase in their knowledge of nutrition/diet, physical activity, and stress management practices.

DeStress Monday offers guides and resources to help individuals incorporate the practices of mindfulness, breathing exercises, shifting to positivity, and getting the recommended amount of physical activity. To learn more background and general research behind these practices, click on each topic below:




Physical Activity


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