DeStress Monday at School

Be Kind to Yourself

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Try this practice on your own and then teach it to your students with the help of the guided audio meditation below.

Typically when people talk about compassion, they are referring to practicing compassion towards other people. But being compassionate to yourself is just as important. The saying “you are your own worst enemy” often holds true as we find ourselves being self-critical to a degree that we would never be towards a loved one or even a stranger. The negative things that we tell ourselves can be destructive, leading to stress, depression, and anxiety. However, practicing self-compassion can be the solution.

Self-compassion is about accepting who you are and all your imperfections (because no one is perfect!). By turning off judgments and criticisms of shortcomings, inadequacies, or mistakes, you can focus on acknowledging your struggles and responding with kindness and care. The results are a greater sense of self-worth and overall happier well-being.

This Monday, build self-compassion with this exercise:

  • Find a quiet place to reflect.
  • Breathe slowly and dwell on your positive characteristics.
  • Gently dismiss any self-critical or negative thoughts.
  • Recognize and appreciate your many good qualities.

Here is a practice about kindness from mindfulness and yoga instructor Tawanna Kane:

Explore more self-compassion exercises and meditations like the “loving-kindness” meditation with these guided exercises from Kristen Neff.

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