DeStress Monday at School

Mindful Coloring

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Try this practice on your own and then gather colored pencils, crayons, or markers and teach it to your students with the help of printable coloring sheets.

Did you know that creative activities, such as coloring, drawing, dancing, and singing, can help you reduce stress and worry? Studies show that expressing your creativity can help increase positive emotions, reduce sadness, and promote healing.

One popular trend we love is drawing and coloring designs, which not only get our creative juices flowing, but can actually invoke a meditative state (like being “in the zone”) because we easily become absorbed with the process. And let’s not forget just how much fun it can be! So add a little more creativity to your life and see how it works to reduce everyday stressors and improve your mood.

This Monday, try drawing or coloring to get a creative start to the week:

  • Find a place where you can draw or color comfortably without a lot of distractions.
  • Take a deep breath and visualize how you want your image to look, then get started and become immersed in filling in the colors and shapes.
  • If any distractions or unwelcome thoughts arise, bring your attention back to your image and think of the joy it will bring you and others when it’s finished.

This week, take a drawing or coloring break when you feel stressed either by yourself or with a loved one. See how quickly the creativity and positivity spreads!

Ready to get creative? 

To start coloring in a snap, print out our DeStress Monday coloring pages and let the creativity begin!

Special thanks to artist Courtney Walker for the gorgeous coloring pages of the owl and dreamcatcher

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