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Tree Pose

For Teachers/For the Classroom

Try this practice on your own and then teach it to your students with the help of the instructive video below.

Tree pose is a yoga pose that builds balance, concentration, and a sense of groundedness. This video demonstrates for you and your students how to do the tree pose.

If you prefer to lead your class in doing the tree pose without the video, here is a simple description of how to do the tree pose:

Tree pose is a yoga pose where you stand like a tall strong tree. Tree pose teaches us about balance and concentrating. It also teaches us to stay grounded in the earth while we also reach for the sky at the same time.

  • Imagine a tree. Stand up straight and tall like the tree with your feet rooted into the ground. Take a few breaths.
  • Now shift your weight to your left foot. Root your left foot into the ground and spread out all the toes in your left foot. Take your right foot and rest the sole of your foot firmly just above your ankle… or on your calf below your knee… or on your thigh above your knee… whichever is most comfortable for you.
  • Take your hands and press your palms together at your heart. Pick a spot in front of you to focus on; this can help with balance.
  • Take a few breaths and notice how you feel. Notice if it is hard to balance without judging yourself. If you lose your balance, just try again.
  • If you would like, raise your arms up and out to the side like branches. If you would like, bring your palms together over your head.
  • Now lower your palms to your chest again and lower your right foot to the floor. Stand with both feet on the floor, take a few breaths, and notice how you feel.
  • Now shift your weight to your right foot and repeat the process.

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