Fun Yoga for the Family to Enjoy Together

This Monday, enjoy some family fun yoga. Breathe, stretch, smile, and relax together!

Deep inhale, big exhale, stretch, and relax! Try some family yoga on Monday. It will give your kids a new channel for their energy, reduce stress, and bring everyone a little lasting peace.

When school starts, families can experience added anxiety and uncertainty. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that strengthens your core, builds stamina, and makes you stronger. And like all exercise, it’s a great way to reduce stress. Experiencing stress affects all of us, but we can learn tips for managing it. This Monday, try some standing yoga poses with your family. It will bring balance, with a smile, into your lives.

Form a circle and get ready to try Tree and Warrior pose.

Tree Pose – Learn to be tall and strong like a tree. See the graphic above for reference.

  • Stand on one leg and with your other leg, turn your foot 90˚, then make a triangle by raising your knee and foot until the sole of your foot rests on the outside shin, and below the knee, of your standing leg.
  • Find your balance!
  • Reach your arms up above you like the branches of a tree. Look ahead.
  • You’ll be standing on one foot now with your arms up to the sky, looking just like a tree! Repeat with the opposite foot like a triangle.

Warrior Pose – Awaken your inner warrior! Click here to see the pose.

  • Spread your feet wider than your shoulders so you make a triangle. Looking ahead, turn your left foot out 90˚.
  • Raise both arms up to the sky.
  • Swivel your right arm forward and your left arm back.
  • Extend and bend your left knee over your ankle, letting your hips sink toward the floor. Look in the direction of the hand over the bent knee. Now you look like a warrior!
  • Hold the position and smile deeply for five seconds. Repeat on your opposite side.

It’s OK to lose your balance or, even better, to laugh. Yoga is not about being perfect, it’s about finding a sunbeam on the other side of your stretch. Use Monday to get started and continue creating peace throughout the school year. Share your family yoga pictures with us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.