Embrace Change This Fall Season

The fall season is a poignant reminder that the world around us is always changing. Although sometimes change is welcome, many times we prefer things to stay the same. We’re all rightfully skeptical of the unknown, but resisting change for too long can stunt our personal growth and spiritual development.

This Monday, we encourage you to embrace change through the use of mindful meditation. As we all know, whenever we’re dealing with a new experience, there’s always some voice in the back of our heads sowing fear and doubt. By using self-awareness practices, you can quiet the negative thoughts and approach unfamiliar situations with a renewed sense of confidence and determination. Improved awareness can even transform your anxiety and dread into powerful forces of motivation.

To start the practice, find a moment to be still without distraction. Next, become aware of the thoughts flowing through your head. Notice which ones are bothering you. Now ask yourself, “How is what’s troubling me affecting my outlook and wellbeing?” Once you identify a source of stress, reframe the experience by creating a positive alternative to what’s troubling you.

Another way to ready yourself for change is to embrace the sights, smells, and sounds of autumn. By focusing your attention on the natural beauty of the season, you can approach decisions with a head clear of fear and doubt.

An Autumnal Mindfulness Practice

  • To start, step outside, close your eyes, and take a deep breath; let the cool air pass through your nose into your lungs as you smell fully the perfume of fallen leaves.
  • Open your eyes and notice the colorful foliage and plumes of smoke spiraling from your neighbor’s chimney.
  • As you walk around, feel the crunch of the leaves beneath your shoes.
  • By being present in the moment, you can ward off negative thoughts and replace them with a more positive state of being.