Place Your Goals within Reach — and Your Stress Far Away

Monday is for taking a fresh approach to re-imagining your future. If you’ve been feeling stressed, take a moment to see a different outcome.

Is there one small thing you could be doing differently that would save you time, make you happier, or be of benefit? Maybe it’s as simple as making yourself lunch or walking to work. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. What is the one small thing you can do now to break habits you want to retire? Helping yourself in small ways has big impacts.

Change is within your reach. Setting goals and seeing the outcome you want is a way to reset your personal and professional intentions.

This Monday, take a few minutes to close your eyes and set your intentions.

  1. Bring to mind what you want to achieve. Remind yourself why you want to reach the goal and imagine how it will make you feel when you reach it.
  2. Think about the small, manageable actions you need to take this week to get there. You may find it helpful to write them down.
  3. If you slip up during the week accept it as part of the process of change, refresh your intention, and get back on track.

Check out this infographic from Happify for science-backed ways to power up your intentions and stick to your goals.

It’s important to see even small measures as successes. Taking one step at a time is part of meeting a goal. When you look at your achievements this way, you can feel less stress and experience positive motivation.

Monday is for applying your aspirations for the rest of the week. If you believe it, it will happen. Pursue the positive you.