Bed Yoga Video Helps Patients at NYU Langone Hospital Destress on Monday

Yoga is an important form of physical activity for individuals of all ages and ability that can help improve balance and flexibility, relieve emotional stress, and strengthen the mind-body connection. But for hospital patients with limited mobility and space, practicing these beneficial movements and poses can be a challenge.

To make yoga accessible to patients with limited mobility, The Monday Campaigns (TMC) partnered with NYU Langone Hospital to introduce a Destress Monday bed-yoga program to their existing integrative therapies for patients with limited mobility. TMC worked with Amy Eberhardt, MPH, CYT, LMT, CPM, a certified yoga instructor, to produce an instructional video highlighting a specialized series of movements and poses to best fit the needs of hospital patients.

The video was a hit sensation amongst the hospital staff, patients, and doctors. Besides becoming one of the most watched videos on the DeStress Monday video feed, the content was also picked by major media channels, including Dr. Oz’s Good Life. NYU Langone was able to share the video with patients who were in need of gentle physical activity during their stay at the hospital. TMC went on to produce two additional instructive yoga videos that were also well received and continue to be used.