Self-Care Starts on Monday

It’s easy to get caught up in a swirl of non-stop activities. In fact, you may even take pride in being able to handle so many things at once. But eventually, there’s a tipping point: where stress builds up and burnout creeps in. That’s why self-care – or me time – is so vital. This Monday, begin the week by deciding to give yourself some well-deserved attention. These tiny time-outs will make a big difference in helping you feel more relaxed, focused and rejuvenated. Here are some thought-starters:

Each week, take a few time-outs for yourself to reduce stress and improve your well-being. Some suggestions:

  • Walk outside and gaze at the clouds. Let your mind playfully wander.
  • Inhale a scent you love. Linger on the fragrant aroma.
  • Do a mini-declutter. Organize a drawer that’s been bugging you.
  • Take a different way to work. Get out of your rut. See things new.
    Treat yourself. Give yourself something special. Go on, you’re worth it.
  • Unplug and unwind. Turn off the cell phone and reconnect with yourself.

Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for others. Try it this week. You’ll agree, it’s good for you.