Single-Pointed Concentration

If you find yourself in need of a quiet, slow moment amidst a storm of chaos and noise, single-pointed concentration might be a great solution. This practice has roots in Buddhist meditation, but even if you’re not spiritual you can still appreciate the focus and concentration you will learn. This Monday, take a moment to slow down, focus on a single point, and reduce your stress while training your brain.

According to Buddhist practitioners, concentrated meditation helps to calm and stabilize the mind, making it possible to achieve clearer insight and focus on more important things. Having a single point on which to focus enables you to veer away from other distractions or thoughts that are causing you to feel anxious, nervous, or stressed out. It almost seems too simple to focus on a single point, but it’s actually a challenge that may serve as a mental exercise.

In order to practice single-pointed concentration, choose an object. It can be a photo of someone you love, a flame from a candle, a spot on the wall, or our new single-pointed concentration GIFs (below). But make sure that you can set aside some time and space to focus and concentrate. It’s also important to find a location where you can sit comfortably without being disturbed.

When beginning to practice, you may find that your mind will wander. This is normal – it’s why mindfulness is a practice! Aim to focus for a little while at a time. You can set a timer on your phone if needed. Your goal is to stop your mind from wandering by focusing on the single point that you chose. With practice, you will be able to block out the thoughts and emotions that are causing you stress while concentrating on your point.

Even five minutes of single-pointed concentration is a great way to reduce stress in your life. By starting this kind of meditation practice on Monday, you can start a path towards a less hectic, more productive week!

Practice single-pointed concentration with the help of one of our relaxing GIFS: