Spread Good Vibes

One Positive Post Can Start a Wave of Good Vibes

Research shows that it only takes one good deed to change a person’s afternoon, day, week, month, or lifetime. A kind action reverberates beyond your immediate social circle and can impact the lives of people you may never even meet.

The same is true when a kind or positive post is shared on social media.

Social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter have the power to amplify a message and spread it to every corner of the globe. And it turns out — despite what it sometimes may seem — people are more likely to share and engage with posts that promote positivity.

A recent study showed that reading other people’s positive Facebook posts trigger happiness in 64% of people. Similar studies of online behavior concluded that people were more likely share words like “happy,” “love,” “nice,” and “sweet” than negative terminology.

Want to make happiness go viral? Spread the good vibes with this loveable GIF. Simply click the Giphy link above and share on your favorite social platform. Oh, and remember to tag a friend to keep the good vibes rolling.