Be Your Confident Self

The Superpower of Self Confidence

Research shows the more you believe in your ability to accomplish something, the more likely you’ll be able to accomplish that thing.

This has been demonstrated by the “placebo effect,” where a change in self-expectations results in better health outcomes. Your beliefs have a direct impact on your performance, and this is where confidence comes into play: The more you identify yourself as and behave like a confident person, the stronger and more capable you’ll feel. As a bonus, your projected confidence will make others feel a greater sense of security and calm when they’re around you.

This Monday, try out this mindfulness practice to build your self-confidence:

  • Recall a time when you felt truly confident, strong, and capable, whether at work or with family and friends.
  • Take a moment and hold that image in your mind. Reflect on how it makes you feel, both physically and emotionally.
  • Finally, reflect on how your confidence affected others, both in how they perceived you and changes in their mood or actions.

Whenever you need a boost of confidence throughout the week, remind yourself of a time where you tackled a tough situation. Doing so can – voila! – actually make you feel more confident.

Unleash your most confident self this week with this guided five-minute meditation: