Wake Up Monday with Mindful Showering

Finding time to practice mindfulness may be well within your daily routine. This Monday morning, select an activity you usually do alone and place yourself in the moment. Focus on each detail of the task, without judging or analyzing. If your thoughts start to wander, gently return them to present. Begin each week with mindfulness to help relieve stress and anxiety. You’ll feel more centered, confident and energized.

As you step into the shower, be completely present in the moment. Allow yourself to fully experience the many sensations as they occur.

  • Listen to the pattering sound.
  • Feel the warm drops splash against your skin.
  • Notice the warmth of the water comforting your body.
  • Deeply inhale the rising steam and fresh soap scent.
  • Feel the soap glide across your skin.
  • Rub in the shampoo, invigorating your scalp.
  • Dwell on the final rinse, feeling cleansed, calm and refreshed.

Start Your Week with a Mindful Monday

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