Meatless Monday Arrives at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Hopefully you’re hungry, because meals at NewYork-Presbyterian hospital just got a whole lot more interesting.

NewYork-Presbyterian teamed up with Meatless Monday to bring a collection of exciting vegetarian and plant-based dishes to its hospital staff and visitors. Every Monday, hospital sites at Cornell, Allen, Columbia, and Westchester offer a selection of unique vegetarian options spanning a range of cuisines, ingredients, and cooking techniques. The featured meal options at the four participating NewYork-Presbyterian hospital cafeterias include dishes that meet the guidelines of the hospitals’ NYPBeHealthy program.

NYP MM water

And if preserving your health and the health of the environment wasn’t enough of an incentive, Meatless Monday meals served in the NewYork-Presbyterian cafeterias are offered at a special discount.

NewYork-Presbyterian has joined Meatless Monday in bringing awareness to the connection between meat production and environmental degradation. Because when it comes to the health of the planet, cutting out meat, one day a week really can make a difference.  joins us as an ally in promoting the environmental benefits of going meatless once a week.

By bringing Meatless Monday to its hospital cafeterias, NewYork-Presbyterian can play an even more significant role in curbing climate change by giving diners a chance to go meatless once a week to reduce their individual carbon footprint.