Meatless Monday for Foodservice

Meatless Monday Insights, Marketing Materials, and How-To’s for Foodservice

Leverage Meatless Monday to boost plant-based sales and drive repeat customers, especially on a Monday. You don’t need to remove meat from your menu, simply highlight plant-based options.

Trends in Customer Demand

Most Americans are trying to eat less meat and plant-based food sales are skyrocketing.

Get Started with Meatless Monday

Drive more plant-based sales with Meatless Monday in FOUR easy steps.

Marketing Plant-based Meals

Learn how to successfully promote plant-based menu items.

Plant-based Food Trends During COVID-19

Learn about trends and customer preferences

Immune-Boosting Food Resources

Learn about plant-based immune boosting foods and access free marketing materials.

Free Resources

Access free marketing materials to promote plant-based meals via Meatless Monday.

Meatless Monday is an easy way for foodservice providers to promote plant-based options at any type of organization: K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, corporations, restaurants, large institutions and beyond.

Meatless Monday can help meet customer demand for plant-based meals and position organizations as health and wellness leaders.

Get started with Meatless Monday in FOUR easy steps:

  • Provide at least one plant-based, meatless item every Monday. You don’t need to remove meat from the menu. See plant-based ordering trends for meatless meal inspiration.
  • Promote Meatless Monday and plant-based meal options to customers and employees. Learn more about marketing Meatless Monday here.
  • Educate employees and customers on the benefits of Meatless Monday and plant-based eating. Simply stated, Meatless Monday is good for you and the planet. Learn more about the environmental and health benefits of plant-based eating here.
  • Track sales and/or food purchasing data to quantify the benefit of Meatless Monday. Setting a plant-based meal sales goal can help motivate the team to promote more meatless options on Monday.

Learn more about starting a Meatless Monday program and access free how-to guides.