Use Monday to Take the Next Step Towards Healthy Eating

Skipping meat just one day a week can benefit your health and the health of the environment. We encourage you to get involved to help reduce meat consumption and encourage plant-forward eating.

How Meatless Monday Makes an Impact

Organizations and individuals can use our free resources and weekly features to build upon their knowledge of plant-based cooking, healthy eating, and environmental sustainability or to start a Meatless Monday program of their own.

Whether you’re a school, university, hospital, or municipality, there’s plenty of ways to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption and eat more plants. Learn how you can bring Meatless Monday to your cafeteria or workplace.

One person can influence change. Become a Meatless Monday Ambassador and join a community of like-minded individuals committed to supporting public health and environmental sustainability. You can also practice Meatless Monday on your own by trying and sharing recipes and ideas.

Get Social and Join the Conversation

Follow @MeatlessMonday and check out our library of weekly features. Share with your social network, make everyone hungry for plant-forward foods, and share stories of how you’ve gotten others to join the movement.