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Want to Start a Meatless Monday Program?

Get started with our suites of resources designed to help foodservice providers, hospitals, and K-12 schools introduce and promote Meatless Monday.

What’s the best way to get started with Meatless Monday? We’ve compiled a list of simple tips and resources to make it easier to eat more plant-based meals, without having to sacrifice the foods, restaurants, and culinary experiences you love.

The Meatless Monday Bean Resource Center is designed to provide you with all the facts, tips, and recipes you need to bring the best out of your beans.

Eating more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains can help you stay healthy and live longer. Start eating healthier this Meatless Monday with the help of our informative guide.

This 12 week challenge is easy to follow and super flexible, so you’ll have no problem finding meals that you enjoy that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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Share the many environmental benefits of Meatless Monday and plant-based eating with our free resources and sample communications.

Meatless Monday is an easy way for foodservice providers to promote plant-based options at any type of organization: K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, corporations, restaurants, large institutions and beyond.


Introducing students of all ages to healthy, plant-based foods through Meatless Monday is an easy and effective way to help kids develop healthy eating habits, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and help the environment. 

Hospitals are particularly well positioned to leverage Meatless Monday and promote new healthy eating habits by offering delicious plant-based dishes to patients, staff, and visitors.

Meatless Monday is already being practiced in some of the country’s largest cities—from New York to Los Angeles—but the program’s flexible implementation means that it can be customized to fit any community’s particular need.

Go Meatless Monday Your Way

Find all the resources you need to promote and practice Meatless Monday with our social media graphics, printables, cookbooks, and more free resources.

Download our Meatless Monday cookbooks for a printable, shareable collection of plant-based recipes.

Eating more plant-based meals and less meat is one of the best ways to help the environment and fight climate change. Learn more about the impacts of meat and the best plant-based alternatives for the planet.

Looking to start a Meatless Monday program or become an ambassador for plant-based meals? Our simple how-to-guides walk you through the steps and provide free resources to support and market your program.

Eating more plants and less meat is a great way to support your health. Learn more about how plant-based meals can help reduce your risk of many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.

But what about protein?! We cover all of your Meatless Monday protein questions, address common myths, and provide easy plant-based swaps for meat.

Download hi-res versions of our Meatless Monday posters, signage, and other materials

Sharing information about Meatless Monday and the benefits of plant-based meals is one of the best ways to support personal health and planetary health. Post our ready-to-use social media materials to inspire your follower, friends, and family to go meatless.

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