Meatless Monday for Hospitals and Healthcare

"Meatless Monday offers the ability for our patients to adopt small changes that can make a big difference over time in reversing or preventing certain chronic conditions."

Whitney Ahneman, MS, RDN, CDN, CDE, Clinical Nutrition Manager at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island

Hospitals are particularly well positioned to leverage Meatless Monday and promote new healthy eating habits by offering delicious plant-based dishes to patients, staff, and visitors.

  • 87% of hospital staff surveyed agreed that the Meatless Monday campaign at New York-Presbyterian (NYP) showed that NYP cares about their health and the environment.
  • 86% of hospital employees who participated in a Meatless Monday Challenge at a major NYC hospital agreed that they were able to successfully reduce their meat consumption.

Get started with information and resources about Meatless Monday for: hospital staff, foodservice directors and workers, sustainability and health/wellness leaders, and marketing/communications teams.

Eating more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains can help you stay healthy and live longer. Start eating healthier this Meatless Monday with the help of our informative guide.

Get started with Meatless Monday in FOUR easy steps:

  • In the cafeteria, provide at least one plant-based, meatless item every Monday. You don’t need to remove meat from the menu. See plant-based ordering trends for meatless meal inspiration.
  • Promote Meatless Monday and plant-based meal options to patients, staff, and visitors. Learn more about marketing Meatless Monday here.
  • Educate employees and customers on the benefits of Meatless Monday and plant-based eating. Simply stated, Meatless Monday is good for you and the planet. Learn more about the environmental and health benefits of plant-based eating here.
  • In the cafeteria, track sales and/or food purchasing data to quantify the benefit of Meatless Monday. Setting a plant-based meal sales goal can help motivate the team to promote more meatless options on Monday.

Learn more about starting a Meatless Monday program and access free how-to guides.